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  • Deadpool 2  ( MA )

    2hr - Comedy

    After surviving a near fatal bovine attack, a disfigured cafeteria chef (Wade Wilson) struggles to fulfill his dream of becoming Mayberry's hottest bartender while also learning to cope with his lost sense of taste. Yep… it’s Deadpool 2!

  • Avengers: Infinity War  ( M )

    2hr 29min - Action / Fantasy

    The Avengers and their allies must be willing to sacrifice all in an attempt to defeat the powerful Thanos before his blitz of devastation and ruin puts an end to the universe.

  • Life Of The Party  ( M )

    1hr 45min - Comedy

    After her husband abruptly asks for a divorce, a middle-aged mother returns to college in order to complete her degree.

  • Crooked House  ( M )

    1hr 55min - Drama / Crime

    In Agatha Christie's most twisted tale, a spy-turned-private-detective is lured by his former lover to catch her grandfather's murderer before Scotland Yard exposes dark family secrets.

  • Tully  ( M )

    1hr 36min - Drama / Comedy

    A mother of three hires a night nanny to help with her newborn.

  • Sweet Country  ( MA )

    1hr 50min - Crime / Drama

    Justice itself is put on trial when an aged Aboriginal farmhand shoots a white man in self-defense and goes on the run as a posse gathers to hunt him down.